Let the Countdown Begin

The countdown is officially on. It’s exactly one month until my next strongman competition (The Strongest Southern Belle.) I’m pretty pumped. My last competition was back in November at Kentucky’s Strongest Man & Woman. So, I’m kinda’ itching for a competition. I think if I go too long without a competition, I start getting a twitch and challenging everyone I know to useless competitions (who can stack the apples on the kitchen table the tallest?) No joke. And besides, I am certain my husband is tired of hearing about the Conan’s Wheel and Axle Presses.
My training is coming along pretty well and I’m feeling good about the events. Right now, there are five other competitors in my weight class (under 123#.) Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll concentrate on getting faster, stronger and feeling more comfortable with the events. But most of all, over the next few weeks – I’ll start telling everyone I know to mark their calendars for the Strongest Southern Belle. Because this competition is, hands down, my favorite competition I do each year.
If you’re a Strongwoman Competitor, I hope you’ve already sent in your entry form (Side Note – I’ve loved reading everyone’s bios on the SSB Facebook page.) If you’re not a competitor, go ahead and get out the red marker and circle February 27th on your calendar to come and watch.
Wondering why this competition is one of my favorite events (besides the cutest tshirt and the short commute?) Here you go:

Girl Power: Traditionally, Strongman has been, like the name suggests, just about the boys. But women are taking this sport by storm. Here’s the perfect example. Strongest Southern Belle was ground-breaking by being the first all-woman USS Strongwoman competition in the country last year. What started as a few Strongwomen speckled across the country has turned into a wave of strong women growing bigger by the day. So, at SSB, when you put over 50 strong, determined women in one room and add weights – you get one heck of an amazing atmosphere. Talk about girl power. It’s something that’s hard to explain, but it’s palpable. It’s nice to see the boys on the sidelines cheering and having the women in the spotlight. Love, love, love it. Girl power is having a moment right now – here’s a chance to see it in action.

The Food: The Prizing House is catering the food and drinks again this year. They pretty much rocked it out last year. If you’ve been to other Strongman competitions, you know the food is usually pretty crappy – lots of bad chicken fingers and microwaved French fries. Not at SSB. Last year, the Prizing House actually had brats with mango salsa, strawberry basil margaritas and ridiculously awesome fresh-baked cookies. I’d sign up to compete just so I could eat there.

The Music and Emcees: The Occasional Tough Guys are emceeing and DJing the competition again. Disclaimer – my husband is part of the emceeing crew. (He’s the tall cute one with, as someone once described him, “hair the color of the sun.”) But the Occasional Tough Guys were awesome last year. They kept the music rolling. And not the death metal stuff pumped at some competitions, but fun, upbeat music – I think I even heard some Katy Perry last year. And, don’t laugh, I actually like to deadlift to some Katy. At most events, the spectators are left in the dark as to what’s going on and how the events work. One of the best things about the emcees, they keep the audience updated on each event, what the athletes are doing, the amount of weight they’re lifting. So, even if you’re new to Strongman competitions, you understand what’s going on.
The Spectators: This was one of the coolest things last year. The spectators are super close to the athletes. This sounds a little scary, but it makes for the most awesome atmosphere. The audience is so close that they get to be really involved in each event. That means for more claps and cheers to give you the extra oomph for the last rep.

So, I’ve got one month to concentrate on my events and you have one month to decide what you’re going to wear to the competition.

Strongest Southern Belle – February 27, Cynthiana, Kentucky 11:00. See you there!

Be strong, lift big and eat well!

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