My 1,700 Calorie Dinner

Last night I ate 1,700 calories for dinner. Seriously. That is not a typo.
Here’s the scoop – I belong to the Cynthiana Underground Supper Club. Actually, I’m the founder (and no, there’s no tiara, special jacket or plaque that comes with that title.)

Every quarter, one of three couples hosts a meal at their house. And we’re not just talking hamburgers or lasagna. We’re talking three course meals with decadent food, awesome cocktails and drool-worthy desserts.

I’ve know about this Supper Club all week. And, you all know that I’m watching my calories and weight. So, what’s a girl to do? Well, instead of bringing my own grilled chicken in a Tupperware container, I just planned ahead.

Knowing I’d have a big (ok, huge) meal on Saturday, I used this week to make some smart decisions. I added in a little extra exercise this week. I also chose to tighten up my diet and food choices this week (step away from the Valentine’s chocolates.) 🙂

Because – for me, Supper Club is one of my favorite times. A time to enjoy awesome food, drinks and a great night with my friends. Counting calories, eating smart and working towards my fitness goals is great – but it’s certainly not the most important thing. Living life means actually living life.


So, I chose to plan ahead, do my best for the week, then go to dinner and enjoy it without regret.

So, I ate my flight of crab cakes, demolished the lemon orzo soup and straight crushed every bite of my bittersweet chocolate lava cake (and even some of my husband’s.) And I enjoyed every single bite.

But come this morning, I hit the egg whites. Because, having one splurge meal shouldn’t bleed over into a splurge week. I’ll hop right back on my fitness wagon. Or perhaps I’ll need to harness pull that wagon this week. 🙂 You don’t have to wait until Monday or the first of the month to get back on your healthy eating. Do it the next meal. Let a splurge meal be just a meal then get focused and hit it again.


Work towards your goals. I’ll be the first to say that. But don’t let your eating totally control your life. You’ll miss a lot of living and a whole lot of fun if you’re always eating your celery out of your Tupperware.

Plan ahead. Eat well when you can. Make smart decisions when you can. But, when the time comes – let your hair down, take a breather and eat the whole lava cake.

Bon appetite!


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