I Am Perfect.

Today we have a guest blogger. And, she’s pretty awesome. Bonnie Jo Dailey, a Cynthiana native and fitness badass has agreed to give us a little insight into her fitness lifestyle. You’ve probably seen her lifting heavy stuff on Facebook and rocking her good vibes throughout Kentucky.

Take a second and read her guest post today. She’s dropped some wise words. Then go follow her on Instagram: @bonniejoanne. This girl rocks. #spittingtruth


– Rebecca



“I am Perfect”
By: Bonnie Jo Dailey

I am a fan of social media. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook…you name it, I have probably used it or am currently using it at this very moment. Have you ever heard of the saying “nobody hangs hard times on a wall?” Aside from a few individuals, most don’t post their failures for everyone to see.



I have been doing CrossFit for going on a year and a half now. If you scroll through my social media accounts you’ll see every personal record that I have set, and all of the macros I counted to get to that point. What you won’t see is that time 6 months ago when I went to jerk 125 pounds and failed. What you won’t see is when I failed, that bar coming down on my head. I didn’t get hurt and I didn’t give up, I can now look back at that video and laugh, because I can successfully jerk 145 pounds today.


You’ll probably scroll through my Instagram and see Tupperware containers full of grilled chicken and vegetables. What you won’t see is the glass (bottle) of wine I drank while meal prepping…or the two slices of pizza I ate when I opted out of said meal prep by the middle of the week.


You won’t see my daily struggle to get two damn pullups in a row, the lash marks I have from the double unders that I couldn’t do, or the look on my face when I am in the middle of a cardio workout and feel like I am having a near death experience.


You’ll see that I check into the gym every day on Facebook, what you won’t see is that I have to scale the 30 pullups to ring rows because again, they are something that I just can’t do yet.


When I talk to people who want to get their fitness journey started but haven’t yet, they usually say something along the lines of “I’m scared I’ll hurt myself,” or “Is counting macros hard?” or “I don’t want to look stupid when I can’t lift as heavy as the other people in my class.”


Reality is: you might get hurt, counting macros is hard (but counting anything is really,) and you won’t look stupid because you are trying, which is more than some people can say.


Before I could clean and jerk 145 pounds I had to start with an empty barbell.


There will be days that your workouts will be easy, and days that you feel like the ‘Gains fairy’ came to you in the middle of the night and stole all of your hard work. There will be days that instead of drinking a protein shake after your workout, you’ll have a beer instead.


Nobody is perfect, no matter how flawless their meal prep and form looks on social media. Looking back on my fitness journey, I have probably failed more than I have succeeded, but because of that, it keeps me coming back for more.


The most important thing that I have learned is that as long as you are making goals and fighting like hell to crush them, then you’re one step closer to another successful Instagram post. Every day you hit a PR in one way or another, whether you’re crawling into the gym after a long day of work, or throwing heavy iron above your head.



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