The 11 Types of Lifting Girls: Which One Are You?

Being in a lifting group is awesome. It’s your tribe. Your people. It’s a mix of girls that all have the same interest of moving some serious weights. However, even though your overall goal may be the same, the personalities in each lifting group can be quite different. Which leads me to today’s post: The 11 Types of Lifting Girls.


You know exactly who each one is in your lifting group. And even if you don’t know which Lifting Girl you are, I’m sure your lifting group does. Feel free to giggle, point fingers and name names:


The Ringleader: Every group has one. You know who it is without hesitation. She’s the “Circle up, girls” girl. She schedules workouts, decides on weights and reps and basically calls the shots. Everyone looks to her for guidance, suggestions and decisions. If lifting groups had Alpha Dogs, she’d be it.

The Cheerleader: She’s the first one to squeal when you hit a PR. She’s there with a pat on the back and a “you can do it!” She probably came up with your lifting group’s name. Or at least said “that’s perfect” when someone else did. Secretly, she wouldn’t mind if lifting incorporated pom-pons.

The Comedian: The jokester of the group, she’s the one cracking jokes and still giggling at the words “snatch” and “jerk.”

The “Owns Every Piece of Equipment” Girl: She unloads her gym bag and sets out her knee wraps, wrist wraps, four belts and her new light-up water bottle that just so happens to track her heart rate.

The Girl Scout: Need a Band-Aid? Ibuprofen? Extra hair tie? She’s your girl. You may laugh at the size of her gym bag, until the time comes when you need chapstick.

The “I’m Just Happy to Be Here” Girl: This girl is the one most likely to roll in just as your workout is starting, still pulling her hair back in a ponytail and trying to tie her shoes. What weight did she do last week – she has no idea. Is it arm day – no clue. But she’s loving every minute of it.

The Secretary: Tediously documenting every rep and set, the exact time it happened and what workout pants she was wearing when she did it.

The DJ: She creates each workout’s playlist to contain the perfect mix of Beyonce and Eminem.

The Mathematician: She’s the one adding the weights on the bar with lightning speed. No need to calculate and recalculate – she’s right every time. Ironically, this girl may not be the most mathematically inclined person outside of the gym.

The “How Much Was That?” Girl: She lifts whatever you put on the bar, but never has any idea how much it is. Each set is automatically followed by, “How much was that?” She often buddies up with The Mathematician as they complement each other well.

The Fashionista: Her tank top matches her pants which match her socks which matches her headband. She may also be the one that tries to coordinate matching outfits. “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

There you have it. The 11 types of lifting girls. If you can’t figure out which one you are, ask your girls. They’ll certainly know.

From one self-proclaimed “How Much Was That Girl” to the next – Happy Lifting!



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