Will Deadlift for Pants (AKA: Goal Setting and Success)


If you’ve lifted with me, it’s probably not a secret that I’ve got a goal to deadlift 300lbs. I even wrote it on the “goal wall” at the gym. But, I’ve been sitting steady at a 285lbs deadlift for a little while now. Talk about frustrating.

A bit ago, I came to the realization that if a 300# deadlift is actually something I wanted, I was going to have to actively work towards it. So, instead of just complaining about my plateau, I decided to do something about it. I’ve started focusing on my deadlift, giving it a little extra attention and working a new program. I can already tell my pulls are getting easier and I’m feeling stronger.

Here’s me doing a little rep work last night.



As a little incentive, I’ve decided that when I hit my 300lbs deadlift, I’m going to celebrate with a pair of Lululemon pants. Really. I don’t own any. And I kinda’ have pant envy for everyone that does. My pant drawer is full of $20 Target workout pants. So this will be a nice, fun splurge.

I love the idea of goals and rewards. They work for me. Set a goal and create a plan to reach your goal. Then – most importantly – work the plan. If your planning is correct and you put in the effort, you usually hit your goal.

I’ve run several half marathons and one full marathon (I’m pretty sure that will be my only one.) 🙂 And each time, I use the same technique. I pick a race, print off a training program, stick it on the fridge and follow it to the letter. Then come race day, I’m ready.

The important part here is not just setting a goal and wishing for it, but rather working for it.

After I put in the work and hit a goal, what better way to celebrate than with a reward? I try to veer away from food rewards (although I think there is picture evidence of me drinking beer out of a trophy) and instead pick something I wouldn’t normally buy myself. It’s a great motivator to have something tangible that you know you’re working towards.

So, if you see me around town sporting some ridiculously expensive pants that make my booty look awesome, go ahead and congratulate me on the deadlift, too.

Lulu or Bust,

One thought on “Will Deadlift for Pants (AKA: Goal Setting and Success)

  1. Hi Rebecca! I can’t wait to see your new pants and hear about your PR! I can totally relate. I usually buy a new pair of shoes (lifting or running) after I hit a PR. I really am enjoying your blog. Keep it up. Melissa


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