Eat All The Things

Some days it is easy to eat healthy. You don’t have cravings for Chick-fil-a breakfast (honestly, who can resist chicken minis?) your egg whites taste fantastic and potato chips don’t even tempt you.

Today is not one of those days.

Today, I just want to eat all the things and it’s a straight test of my willpower.

So, I’ll do my best today: try to make smart decisions and log my calories to keep track of my day. I’ll probably text a few of my besties for some motivation and perspective. (I’m sure I’ll receive a “step away from the potato chips” response.)


Eating healthy is not easy for anyone. Fit girls love cupcakes, too. Listen, I can say with great certainty I have never craved broccoli.


So, when I’m feeling good and eating healthy is easy – I capitalize on that and take advantage of it. That way, when the “eat all the things” days appear, it can average out with my good days.


Now to go padlock the fridge….


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