My Workout Schedule Last Week

I don’t just work out twice a week for an hour in the gym. (Sometimes I wish it was that easy.) But that’s what most people think. That’s the only time they see me working out. But guess what – my week is actually made up of lots of workouts (some little ones, some Big Momma calorie burning ones.)

So, I thought I’d outline for you guys every workout I did last week:


6am – 45 minute walk on the treadmill with a girlfriend. Just an easy walk on an incline to get ready for my day and to catch up on some much-needed girl time.

6:30pm – Mondays mean it’s Arm Day. That’s an hour HIIT/weight class at the gym. A mix of cardio, weights and ab work. (Gotta’ sculpt those shoulders for upcoming sundresses.)


6am – 45 minute spinning class

12:30 – 20 minute walk outside at lunch


6am – three mile run outside (got to take advantage of a 55 degree day in February.)

12:30 – 20 minute walk outside at lunch. It’s 60 degrees in February, I couldn’t pass that up!

6:30 – Leg Day! So, an hour HIIT/weight class at the gym.


6am – 45 minute spinning class


12:00pm – 20 minute walk with a girlfriend


8:30am – hour long restorative yoga class

9:30am – 45 minute BBR HIIT class

5:00pm – 2 mile jog (One of my friends asked for a running buddy. And I almost NEVER turn down a request for a workout buddy.)


1:00 – Strongman training


Some weeks I do more, others less. It just depends on how my schedule works out.


Now, I’m sure hoping my trainer doesn’t read this. He prescribes one rest day a week (which I totally agree with.) I usually get one rest day in, but with the crazy warm weather outside, I seized the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it. This girl sure needed the warm, fresh air (#wintersucks)


There are a couple things I want to point out with my exercise routine last week that are important takeaways:

Weights and Cardio: I had a mix of both. The combo is super important for weight loss, building strength and cardio conditioning.

Big and Little Workouts: I have some crazy hard,long workouts in there. But I also have 20 minute walks. You don’t have to always do big workouts. If you can only squeeze in little 10, 15 minute workouts – do it! They’ll all add up to results.


All my workouts above just go to prove the ‘ole iceberg theory (y’all have seen the picture.)


People only see the very minimum of what you do on your fitness journey. Heck, they’re not there to applaud me every time I lace up my shoes for a 15 minute walk or order the salad instead of the hamburger. They just see me at the gym twice a week. But, there’s loads of sweaty laundry at home proving I’ve done plenty more work than that.


And the even harder work comes from all your food choices. Each time I skip the pancake and instead scramble eggs is just another chunk of the base of the iceberg (that no one will ever see.)


Put in the work. Make the hard decisions. Results will come.


Be an iceberg.

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