One Simple Thing You Can Do To Maximize Your Workout

I push myself in the gym. That’s probably not a surprise to anyone that has ever worked out with me. Often times during workouts, I actually have to plan my “puke path.” You know, which door you’re going to run out if you have to puke. I grunt, I sweat and I’m purple faced when my workout is done. I try to squeeze every bit I can out of my workout.


One thing that I see a lot of people in HIIT class doing is stopping a bit too early. You hear the countdown of “5, 4, 3, 2…” and people start sitting down the weights. I like to do the opposite – I work for the One Last Rep.


I try to squeeze in one extra rep in the last seconds of an interval. To me, that extra rep may mean the difference in what separates me from my competition in a Strongman event. The difference in one extra rep can be the difference in first and second place (and I really like first.) I want that countdown not to mean “slow down” but instead “speed up.” Squeeze in that extra rep, one last burpee, one extra push-up so I can get better.


So, today, I want to encourage you to squeeze in that one extra rep. Not only in the gym, but in life. Get that “little extra” out of everything you do today. It’s going to make you stronger. And happier.


And remember, if you’re not getting that extra rep, your competition is.

2 thoughts on “One Simple Thing You Can Do To Maximize Your Workout

  1. Last night in arm day I did work all my rotations until the bitter end but one. The pull ups. I just can’t do them. Most nights in too weak to get one more bench in by the third round. Today my back is feeling the round of cleans and over head presses we did last night. I may need a belt for extra support. What do you suggest? Not looking for the most expensive. If you think it would help with the pain.


    1. Hey, Michelle! Yep, those pull-ups are brutal! And the overhead can definitely do a number on your back. I wear the Harbinger foam core belt. Amazon has them for around $20. If you want to try it out, BBR Gym has a few hanging on the wall. Grab one and give it a try to see if you like it. I definitely use mine on overhead, squats and deadlifts. Also, try foam rolling your back to help loosen the muscles up a bit. Good luck!


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