Top 7 Ways to Know if You’re a Fit Girl

Society is going through something pretty awesome right now. Check out FB, Instagram or turn on the TV and you see the media having a total love fest over the Fit Girl. And I love it. Thanks to the rise in popularity of Crossfit, and the emergence of strong female athletes like Ronda Rousey, the Fit Girl having her (well-deserved) time in the spotlight. (Can you say “trending?”)


The Fit Girls are usually pretty easy to identify. You probably know them or you ARE one of them. But in case you’re not sure how to identify them, today I thought I’d bring you: The Top Seven Ways to Know You’re a Fit Girl:


1.You have a never-ending search for the perfect workout pants: You put in your hours at the gym. You log the miles on the asphalt. You earn those sweat angels. And, you want to do it all in the perfect pair of workout pants. The Fit Girl knows there are three main criteria to the perfect pants: 1) pants that won’t fall down 2) pants that are cute 3) pants that make your booty look like JLo’s. We’ve all had the pants that are too sheer (no one wants to see your Hello Kitty underwear when you’re squatting) pants that are too loose (saggin’ is not a preferred look in the gym) and pants that are, well, just plain ugly. And, with your crazy schedule, more times than not find yourself in yoga pants, workout gear and leggings both in and out of the gym. No worries – workout gear has come a long way from just the boring black pant days of yore. You’ve got patterns, styles and colors galore to choose from on your never-ending quest for the perfect pants. Which leads me to point #2


2.Your laundry is 90% workout gear: Almost every load of laundry you do is workout clothes. Come the weekend, the mound of stinky workout clothes on your floor rivals any high school locker room.


3.Your running shoes are the most expensive shoes in your closet: You’ll be the first person to advocate buying good running shoes. (And, soap box moment: good running shoes are honestly worth the extra money.) You buy shoes both because of their impact-cushioning ability and because, well, they’re cute.  You have a Pinterest board dedicated solely (yep, that’s a pun) to cute tennis shoes.  Your running shoes cost more than your nicest black heels.  So, what – you spend a ton more time in them than any heels.



4.You wonder what people talk about if they don’t lift: Your lifting girls are your best friends.  So, inevitably when you’re together, you end up talking about workouts, goals and PRs.  It’s impossible not to.  Lifting is a big part of your life.  There’s a saying, “if you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.” Lifting is your happy place.


5.You look better naked: I’ve seen it on bumper stickers and tshirts and, let’s get serious, it’s everyone’s goal. If you’re a Fit Girl, you’ve worked hard for those curves. You have every right to the confidence that come when you put on your birthday suit. 🙂


6.Your search engine is full of workout blogs, and YouTube “how to do it better” videos: You have watched more YouTube lifting videos and “how –to” vlogs than you care to admit. But, you know that the more you read and understand, the better you will get. Sometimes just hearing someone tell you something you’ve heard a million times, but in a little different will help make something stick.


7.You’re proud of your body and what it can do: Lifting does some awesome transformations to your body, but it also does some awesome transformations to your self-esteem and self-confidence. Once you start seeing your body move some real weight, it becomes less about what your body looks like, and more about what it can do for you. You’re proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved – and what you still want to achieve in your lifting career. And you should be — because you’ve earned it.


Lifting is awesome. Being a Fit Girl is awesome. Be proud of what your body can do and what you’ve earned. The days of hungry, emaciated girls are out and the reign of the curvy, healthy strong women is in. So, hoist your “Fit Girl” banner high and enjoy the revolution that the Fit Girl is having right now.


Viva la Fit Girl!


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