My Hot and Sweaty Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. And I spent my Valentine’s Day celebration getting hot and sweaty with ropes and ties. Get your mind out of the gutter – I went rock climbing.

Most people go out for dinner and chocolate for their Valentine’s Day celebration – not me. My hubby and I went rock climbing. I truly believe the couple that sweats together stays together.

We went to L’escalade Climbing Gym in Lexington, Kentucky. What a fun day!

Climbing Gym Selfie #happycouple

I was incredibly impressed with this place. When we first walked in, you could see the gym was clean, super nice and it was HUGE. Really. It has 35’ and 50’ climbing walls. Can you say intimidating? But the staff got us harnessed up, in our cute little climbing shoes, lead us through a quick tutorial and then we were off.

They have some things called “Auto Belays” – basically a rope that catches you when you fall off the wall. I’ll be honest – the first time I made it to the top of the 35’ wall and was supposed to “fall” off – I thought we were going to have a hostage situation. Seriously, I froze. I mean, the ground was 35 feet away! But, my supporting and loving husband (after laughing hysterically) convinced me to trust the belay and drop. Talk about scary! After a brief free-fall, the belay caught, my confidence soared and the day of climbing began.

Me at the top of the 50′ wall

We practiced climbing on the short wall, then headed over to tackle the 50’ monster. There are different color grips on the wall that coordinate to the difficulty level. As a novice rock climber, I stayed with the two easiest colors. (Notice I said “easiest” not “easy.”)

When we were finishing up, I saw they had a grip and arm strength area (think American Ninja Warrior.) My husband challenged me to see if I could do it. And you know I never turn down a challenge. Check out the video. (PS – I totally bested two frat boys in this competition.)

Now, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape (I mean, I squat and deadlift about 2.5x my body weight) however, a few hours of climbing whipped my booty. Talk about a full body workout! Arms, legs and even abs were feeling it. I even wore my heart rate monitor – burning 250 calories in 90 minutes of climbing.

Valentine’s Day Fun!

This whole day was just awesome. And there a couple of little nuggets of info to grab from the day:

#1) Holidays Don’t Have to be Celebrated Only with Food: We spent the day sweating, cheering each other on and burning calories all at the same time. You really can have a great time getting out of your normal holiday “dinner and drinks” routine and instead shaking it up with something new and exciting and outside of the box. (I’m already planning a Girls Night Out to go climbing.)

#2) Sweat with Your Sweetheart: Really, get out and do something to sweat with your lovey. It can be anything: tennis, running, shuffleboard – it doesn’t matter. Get moving together. It will help you have a common interest, have fun together and who knows, you might find a good use for all those strong, new bulging, sweaty muscles. 🙂

I seriously can’t wait to go back. A day pass at L’Escalade is $22 (more details HERE) And want to hear something awesome – L’Escalade Climbing Gym is offering a discount for all Cynthiana Strong readers! Just mention Cynthiana Strong at the gym and get a $2 discount for a day pass. This is good through March 31st. Can you say date night?

So, go check them out.  And if you need a climbing partner, just let me know – I’ll be happy to join you. In the meantime, I’m going to go rewatch Cliffhanger.

Happy Climbing!

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