The Two Words You Need To Learn Right Now

Learn to take a compliment

I am the worst at this. Really. Someone offers me a simple compliment, “I like your shirt.” And I immediately feel the need to somehow downplay the compliment, “Oh, this old thing? I found it on clearance” or “the seams aren’t even straight.” WTF??

Ladies, listen up – it is time for us (all of us) to learn to take a compliment.

You’ve been working hard on your diet and exercise. And, your body and booty are starting to reflect this. It’s only natural that people are going to start noticing and you are going to start getting compliments. So, I wanted to take today’s post to focus on How to Take a Compliment.




As women, I think we are just programmed to downplay our achievements. We don’t want to come across as arrogant or conceited and sometimes we feel awkward in the spotlight.
Check out this video from Amy Schumer. Warning: it’s crude and vulgar, but pretty darn true.


Totally Crude and Funny Video Here


Just yesterday, someone stopped me at the grocery store and said, “I love your blog. It’s funny, entertaining and really helpful.” And, what was my immediate reaction, “Oh, really? It’s not a big deal.” What?? With the time spent writing, researching and replying to people across the country AND world – it IS a big deal. But the little voice inside me immediately took over and downplayed the compliment.

Time for us to pull up our big girl panties, and learn to own the compliments. Here are a few tips:

Recognize You Own Your Accomplishment: It wasn’t luck that got you where you are. It was your hard work and hours in the gym. You deserve the credit and, more importantly, you EARNED it. Be proud of your accomplishment. Recognize that you did the work to succeed and that you deserve the praise and recognition.

Appreciate The Compliment: Think about this – someone with an outside perspective has noticed your success and is taking the time to share her thoughts with you. They’re acknowledging your success by giving you nice words. Accept them like you would any act of kindness – graciously.

Don’t Point Out Your Weaknesses: Often we say, “yeah, but…” I’m so guilty of this. “Rebecca, you did great on the progressive deadlift.” “Yeah, but I should’ve done one more rep.” Or “Yeah, but it wasn’t as good as in practice.” Stop!! The compliment wasn’t focused on what you DIDN’T do, but on what you DID do.

So, instead of getting all awkward when someone compliments you (no one wants a “what do I do with my hands” moment)…



Here are a few good ways to accept a compliment:

Try Just Saying Thanks: It’s easy. It’s just two words. Try just responding with, “Thank you.” No need to fill in with superfluous words or backstory. Just be sincere in your gratitude for the compliment. After all, you’ve worked hard for it.




Share Credit with Others: If you don’t feel comfortable with the simple “thank you” response, try sharing the compliment with people that have helped you get to where you are. You can share the compliment with coaches, training partners or your lifting group. Try, “Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without the help of my coach. He really helped me prepare.” You can point to those people that helped you succeed.

Think of a compliment as a beautifully wrapped gift. A box all shiny and glittery and picked out just for you. If someone were to give you that beautiful box, you wouldn’t open it then hand it back saying, “no thanks, this really isn’t for me.” No – you’d accept it. Be thankful for it. A compliment is just that – a gift. So accept it. Be appreciative of it. Don’t belittle it.


Avoid an awkward response by just saying, “thanks!”


Today, be aware of the compliments you receive, and try to receive them graciously and as they are intended – as a recognition of success that you have earned.

So, get in the gym, and eat healthy — I want you to earn those compliments. That way, when you hear, “You look great!” You can respond with, (come on, let’s say it together) “Thank you.”

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