You’ll Never Guess What I Saw at Target


Yesterday, I went to Target. And guess what greeted me at the door:


Yep, those are bathing suits.


As much as this makes me kinda sick to my stomach, I also love this. I love this because I’m a planner. Really. (I seriously bought my husband’s Christmas present in June.) This brightly colored display of lycra was a great reminder that bathing suit weather is right around the corner. Actually, I have a counter on my phone that counts down the days until June 1st. It’s exactly 103 days until my booty is crammed into a two piece. So, if I want to make any changes in my body before then, I need to start now.


You have to start early to be ready for summer.


You’ve heard the saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter.” So true. You can’t start working out in May and expect to see huge results by June.

It takes time to see changes in your body. Believe me – I wish I could workout for a week, turn down a few brownies and see results. But it does not happen like that.


I think of working out as a 401K (remember I have a Finance background.) Humor me here – with a 401K, you just put a little money into your account every check then one day, you look at your balance and see all those steady, little, weekly deposits have added up to a big balance.

Same with weight loss. You make little changes every day, little workouts, day by day, week by week. Then one day, you look up and realize each workout and sacrifice added up to one ripped girl.

So, go ahead and tape a picture of a bathing suit to your fridge as motivation. Because in 103 days, you’re going to be up close and personal with that spandex.


Picture of my countdown app. Summer is right around the corner!


Summer here we come!

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