Ode To The Sweaters


There are some girls that can finish a crazy hard workout and have makeup still intact, ponytail still spunky and just a slight glistening sweat glow. I am not one of them.

When I finish a workout, I look a bit more like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Dripping sweat, purple faced and any makeup I once had on has since melted off into a puddle on my shirt. Really – I sweat so much that no one wants to follow after me on a bench. “How much sweat” you ask? So much sweat that you’re left wondering if I accidentally spilled my water bottle. So much sweat that getting my wet sports bra off after a workout looks a bit like a greased cow putting on a leather onesie.


My post-gym selfie.

So, I’m always surprised how much commentary people give to what girls look like in the gym. Some are “too sexy” others “too sweaty.” You know what – who cares? Everyone is at the gym for their own reason. And they wore whatever they felt like wearing. Want to wear full makeup and lipstick – do it. Want to wear yoga pants with dried spider tacky – fine by me. The main thing is: these people are actually AT the gym. They’ve made the decision to show up and do whatever type of workout they want at the intensity of their choosing. Bravo, ladies.



I’m usually wearing whatever yoga pants are on top of the “clean” pile of laundry. Ditto on my shirt. Do they match? Who knows? It’s like a game of Gym Clothes Roulette.

That being said, I show up to each Strongman competition in lipstick and pearl earrings. Laugh if you want, but I’m the one that’s going to be deadlifting the car. When you’re brave enough to compete in Strongman, do it in whatever makes you comfortable.

Everyone wants something different from their workouts. Some may want to torch calories. Some may just want a light workout. Some want to lift heavy, others light with reps.

Seems like the gym and fitness community would be a happier place if people would focus less on others and more on themselves.


Get in the gym. Wear whatever the hell you want. I’ll be the one right there with you – soaked in sweat and looking like a hot mess. Lord knows I certainly won’t be judging.

And to my fellow sweaters out there – keep it up. Someone has to keep the deodorant industry in business.

Stay Sweaty, Sweat Angels!




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