The Road to Nationals Starts Today


On Saturday, I competed in my eighth Strongman Competition, the Strongest Southern Belle in Cynthiana, Kentucky. This was the largest women’s-only Competition in the world (woah.) With 80 competitors, there were a lot of incredibly strong women and some awesome competitors.


I was able to take home the title of first place, sweeping all five events. (And, snagged some pretty cool hardware.) This win qualified me for the United States Strongman National Championship. So…..the road to Nationals starts today.


First place in the under 123lb weight class

I competed last year at USS Nationals as a last-minute decision. And after placing third, I’ve had the itch to go back ever since.


In the three months between now and Nationals, I have my work cut out for me. The competition at Nationals is ridiculous. Like, “a whole ‘nother level” type of competition. These girls are seriously strong.


So, in order to make sure I’m ready for the competition, I have to have a plan. Here’s what I’ll do:


Set A Training Program: I’ll meet with my trainer and set a training program that will help me steadily increase my weights and train the implements. Nationals has some unusual events this year (seriously, Google “Fingal Fingers” – that’s one of the events.) Some of these events I’ve never even tried. So, I’ll have quite a bit of research on the events and some technique to learn. I’ll also start Youtubing videos (not ones of cats playing the piano.) But instead, I’ll check out how the best of the best do these implements. They say, the best way to learn is to emulate the greats. I’ll start Googling now….

Take Care of Myself: In order to be in top performance shape and compete against the best in the nation, I’ll need to stay healthy. That means no injuries or setbacks. So, I’ll continue my cardio (hello, running shoes) keep up my regular weight training, maintain my massages, and eat well. (That means no donuts.)


Find a Training Partner: Y’all already know I love competition, and not just at a strongman competition, but in my everyday training, too. I like to train with someone because it pushes me to do more, go harder and, well, just do better. It’s even better if I can train with someone that’s just a little better than me. Talk about pushing yourself! If they get 11 reps, I want 12. If they do it in 32 seconds, I want to do it in 31. No only does it make me better, but it will help me get ready for the top-level competitors I’ll face at Nationals. A training partner gives you someone that shares a common goal, someone to bounce ideas off of and, someone to compare your bruises with.



Stay the Course: Three months can be a long time. I’ll need to stay focused on my goal and make sure I don’t lose sight of it over the next 14 weeks. I’ll lean on my awesome training friends, super-supportive husband and trainer as a support system to help me stay focused. I keep a quote framed on my desk that says, “Remember your goals.” I’ll keep my sights set on that trip to Louisville in June.


I keep this framed quote on my desk to help stay focused.


The thought of competing at Nationals has me excited and, quite honestly, I’m already nervous.  I have no idea where I’ll place – could be first, could be last. But, this year, I plan on going into the competition prepared and ready to give it my best. It’s going to be a fun ride these next three months….and I simply can’t wait.


Nationals, here I come!



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