How To Eat A Salad


Today’s blog is simple, “How to Eat a Salad.” Because, you’re probably doing it wrong. 🙂


I picked up a little tip on how to eat salads a few years back and have been using it for every salad I’ve eaten since. This little hint might just change your life (ok, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but it will help change your waist line.)


Everyone knows that the best part of a salad is the dressing. I mean, plain lettuce is ugh, but give me spring greens drenched in that creamy deliciousness and now we’re talking. But you guys know that dressing is a calorie-counter’s worst nightmare. That little side dish of salad dressing can contain up to 400 calories. Holy muffin top, Batman!


Now, to make things worse – I like that rich, creamy, thick salad dressing. I wish I preferred the light, lower calorie vinaigrette dressings…. but I don’t. So, when I picked up this little tip, it was a life saver.


I use the ‘ole “fork dip technique.”


Here’s how it goes: order your salad dressing on the side. Now, when it comes out, don’t pour your dressing on the salad! Instead, dip just the end of the fork prongs in the dressing. Next, stab some salad and eat. Then repeat. That’s it. It’s so easy!


Bored? I actually made a video of me eating a salad. Really, that’s no joke. Check it out (you know you want to….)



I promise you, you’ll use a quarter of the amount of salad dressing you normally would if you poured the whole container on the salad. But, you won’t even miss the extra dressing!


So, order a salad for dinner tonight and try out the ‘ole fork dip technique. Let me know how it goes for you. You’ll save a bazillion calories (okay, I rounded up) and still get to eat that yummy chef salad.


And in case you need a little dinner music to go with your salad, I’m just gonna’ leave this here….


Dip Away!

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