Monday, Monday


Can you smell that?  That, my friends, is the smell of a new week.  A Monday morning that’s fresh and new and just waiting for me to tackle it.  Yeah, I know, I’m probably in the minority here – but I kind of love Mondays.  Now, before you throw your coffee at the monitor, let me explain why.


I know it may seem a little Pollyanna (you young folk may need to Google that reference.)  But, I like Mondays because they are a chance for a new beginning. To me, they’re an opportunity to do a few things: evaluate where I’ve been, identify things I like/don’t like about the last week and refocus my actions to meet my goals.


Seriously, how cute was this movie?


Were there some things you didn’t like about last week?  Skip a workout?  Too many Rice Krispy Cookies?  Just acknolwdge that those were things that you didn’t like and didn’t help you make progress toward your fitness goals.  Then make a mindful decision to change those actions this week.



What is absolutely wonderful about fitness is that YOU control it.  You want to bust your butt on the treadmill today, that’s up to you.  You choose to instead watch an entire season of Breaking Bad on Netflix – your choice.  But, your choices have repercussions (and those repercussions normally show up in your booty.)




Y’all already know I’m working on some fitness and competition goals (hello bathing suit weather and USS Nationals.)  And, in order to reach the goals I want, I need to watch my calories and continue my exercise routine.  Both of my goals are several months off.  With that much time, it’s easy to lose focus of a goal. So, weekly milestones, like a Monday, are a time for me to refocus and ensure I’m on track.


Guys, milestones can be anything.  A new week.  A new month.  A new year.  Heck, a new hour.  Big or small, take the time to pinpoint a new beginning and make it just that – a time to start new and make it what you want.


So, today, I encourage you to take the time to evaluate where you are in your fitness career and use today as a milestone to refocus your goals and make sure your actions are moving you toward your goals.  


Go out and tackle the week!


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