Baby Got Back…Problems




What I appreciated about my visit was, well, a lot.  First of all, Dr. Arena really listened to what was wrong.  And I didn’t just give him one thing wrong with me, I gave him a laundry list of everything that has ever hurt (from butt, to back, to my plantar fasciitis.) Dr. Arena had me perform a few very simple exercises to see my body mechanics and how I move. After seeing my  alignment (or should I say “misalignment”) when I did an overhead squat, it was eye opening to see how my body has been compensating for the issues in my booty, without me knowing it.



One thing I know is true for my body, and Dr. Arena emphasized, is that your body works as one whole unit. If something is wrong in one area, your body can, and will, compensate in other areas. This can cause cascading issues for other areas of your body. So, when something hurts, fix it immediately. Don’t keep going or it can cause other downstream problems.


When Dr. arena got to work, it was a combination of popping (yep, the old school pushing and cracking) and trigger point work.  Now, let me say this – I have a pretty high pain tolerance for trigger point work, but these trigger points certainly pushed it.  It was some pretty intense pressure, but after it was finished the results were crazy.


I was absolutely amazed (seriously, still am) at how my body would not be able to perform a simple move, then with an adjustment, it could immediately do it.  That’s probably the worst description ever, but seriously, it’s so true.  And once you experience it, you’re going to be giving me an “amen” after that.


This is actually my text.




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