I Can’t, I Have Workout


I don’t miss a workout. Seriously, if I’m not at a workout, you should probably go check on me because I must be deathly ill or trapped under a small car. I bet in almost three years of weight training, I have missed only a handful of times. We’re talking single digits, folks. (Side Note: check to see if there’s a perfect attendance award at our gym….)


It’s not because it’s easy. I have a demanding job, a family and toddler. Believe me, it’s not easy. But my attendance in the gym is because I know the importance it plays in my life. Not only physically. My gym time is my therapy.


Here’s a tips and suggestions on how to make sure you make it to the gym:


Schedule Your Workouts: Guys, my workout times are scheduled in my calendar just like any other event. They’re non-negotiable. Seriously, don’t ask me to do something on Monday or Wednesday nights, because the answer is going to be “no.” My workouts are not only a good sweat session, but it’s my “me time.” A time to step away from my Mom and Wife responsibilities and spend some time doing something for myself.





Schedule Childcare: A friend of mine has a standing babysitter every week. She comes to her house for an hour and a half every week while she works out. That way, there’s never an excuse to miss workout. Or trade off babysitting with another girl at the gym. Bottom line – paying a sitter for an hour a week is still cheaper than paying for blood pressure medicine or new clothes because your old ones are too small.


Workout Then Go to A Function: Now, my friends and family have come to accept the fact that I may show up to functions in workout clothes, sweaty and a little, um, fragrant. But I don’t miss a workout. Seriously, I workout, then throw on some extra deodorant and go to the party/get together/dinner anyway. I’ll take sweaty and fit over freshly showered and heavier any day.




If you’re serious about seeing results, make your workouts non-negotiable. I can’t tell you how many times my response to an invitation is “That’s my workout time. I can meet you afterwards.” That’s because to me, it’s a priority.


Yes, THIS has vulgar language (sorry about the F-bomb) but, it’s pretty much how I feel…


Be dedicated. Prioritize. Make your gym time non-negotiable. It’s certainly not easy, but that’s how you’ll see the results.


Dedication pays off!

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