Attack of the Chocolate Bunny (aka Handling Easter Food Temptation)

This weekend is Easter.  Happy Easter!  It’s a time to spend with family, get excited about Spring and be bombarded by chocolate.  Yep, it’s everywhere.  Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Reese’s eggs (aka chocolate covered crack) and those adorable Peeps – which are undeniably better stale. (There’s actually a Facebook page dedicated to the love of Stale Peeps…) 




The holidays can be a time where your healthy eating habits can really be tested.  Food temptation is around every corner.  And without a gameplan, it’s easy to overeat and wake up Monday morning with holiday food regret.  So, today, I thought I’d touch on a few tips for eating healthy at Easter:  


Me after an overindulgent meal.  #foodregret


Don’t Fill the Easter Basket with Candy:  Easter baskets don’t have to be filled with just chocolate. The kids don’t need it and if it’s in your house, it’s just going to be temptation for you. Try things like bubbles, a Slinky, hair bows, you get the idea.  Get the kids something fun that’s not sugar coated.  Plus, it’s hard for you to eat a Slinky….


Buy Candy You Don’t Like:  Ok, if you’re going to put some candy in the kid’s basket anyway, buy something you don’t like.  Twizzlers and Starbursts aren’t exactly on the top of my candy wish list, they’re easy for me to pass on.  But, put some Reese Cups in the house and I’ll sniff them out like a bloodhound then eat them until I’m sick at my stomach.  So, if you’re going to put candy in the basket, stick to something you don’t care for.  It’s easier to pass up and your thighs will thank you.




Small Portions: Easter dinner is chocked full of Grandma’s famous cheesy potatoes, homemade yeast rolls and butter covered everything.  Now, I’m not going to tell you to skip dinner completely.  Just load your plate up with the low-calorie foods (hello, salad) and stick to small portions of any calorie-heavy foods.



Add in Extra Cardio:  If you know your calories are going to be up for the holiday weekend, try adding in some extra cardio.  Add in a walk, a little extra time on the treadmill or an extra session in the gym.  Something to get your blood pumping and help offset some of the extra Easter calories.


Guys, eating healthy on the holidays can be done.  Just be mindful of what you’re eating. Make smart decisions.  After all, the summer months are coming…make sure that chocolate bunny is worth it.



Happy Easter!


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