Holiday Detox


Sometimes the best laid plans don’t quite come to fruition. That’s about all I can say about my weekend eating….



Yes, I write a fitness blog, but no, my eating is nowhere near perfect (as a matter of fact, perfect eating is not even visible in my rear view mirror.) Pretending I have a perfect diet is like saying my husband is going to beat me in this year’s March Madness bracket — not gonna’ happen.

This weekend was a double whammy for me – my daughter’s birthday party (happy birthday, Elinor) and Easter. While I had good intentions of continuing my normal healthy eating habits, I think a combination of stress, lack of sleep and temptation got the best of me. Calorie overload.



A little math humor. Man, I’m a nerd…

So, today, I’m back on it. Forget about the cupcakes and margaritas from this weekend. What’s in the past, is in the past.



Today, I’m focused. I’ve got my accountability girls on high alert. I’ve got my workout clothes laid out for a full-throttle workout week and my LoseIt calorie app is ready to go.


Yeah, we have a Facebook page for our accountability group. This is my actual post last night.


No need to stress about my calories for this last weekend, there’s nothing I can do about those now. All I can do is realign my focus and hit it hard starting today.


So, if you’re in the same boat as me with a few too many sugar-coated treats from the weekend, don’t stress, just do something about it today.


See ya at the gym!

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