Me, 300 Pounds and a Trip to Lululemon


So, this happened last night….



Yep, that’s me….Deadlifting 300lbs.


I honestly don’t know when I’ve been so excited.  Most of you know, I’ve had a goal of deadlifting 300lbs for quite some time, but that sneaky little guy has just alluded me.


Here’s me crossing off my goal off the Goal Board.



But, let me be clear – I haven’t just wished to hit a 300lbs deadlift.  If wishing would’ve done it, I would’ve hit that goal a long time ago.  Instead, I set a plan, stayed committed to it and put in the work.  Funny how things seem to work out when you have a goal and a plan.




I love goals and rewards.  The rewards are a nice little extra incentive to reach that goal – and an awesome way to celebrate.  So, I promised myself when I hit a 300lbs deadlift that I’d buy myself some Lululemon pants to replace my Target cheap-os.  So, come this weekend, this little girl is heading to Lululemon and is ready to buy some fancy pants.


Here’s me updating the max board. That’s 2.5 times my body weight!


I also want to give a big shout out to my coach.  He’s helped me come up with a plan and kept me on target to hit my goal.  After watching the video, some of you were probably thinking, “how did she not know how much she was lifting?” The funny thing is, I sometimes let the amount of the weight get in my head and it makes me start overthinking the lift.  So, my sneaky coach just loaded up the bar and said to lift it. I honestly had no idea it was 300lbs until he told me after the lift.


I don’t even want to admit how many times I’ve watched the video. (My husband suggested probably close to 300 times – one for each pound lifted.)  But I’m sure I’ll watch it 300 more before it’s all said and done.  I’m proud of it.


It’s awesome to set goals.  Even more awesome when you reach them.  So, this weekend, I’m celebrating by squeezing my booty in some expensive spandex pants.  Then, it’ll be time to set (and reach) my next goal. 🙂


Watch out Lulu… I come!






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