My Lululemon Review (With Dressing Room Selfies)


Okay, okay, okay – I get it.


I have officially drunk the Lululemon Kool-aid…or in this case, the Lulu “Lemon-ade”- see what I did there? ūüôā


I went to Lexington, Kentucky’s Lululemon store to buy my first pair of Lulu pants in celebration of hitting my 300# deadlift goal. (See the full story on my 300lbs deadlift goal¬†here.)


Me in front of the Lululemon store in Lexington, Kentucky


My sister-in-law, Jen, and I headed to Lulu first thing Saturday morning.  When I first walked in, I saw the wall of pants showing all their different cuts/styles and decided it was best to probably ask for help.


Here’s just a few of their pant styles. ¬†I focused on capri pants (not tights.)


I found one of the store employees (her name is Amy, and she’s adorable.) ¬†I told her I had hit my goal of deadlifting 300lbs and was there to celebrate by buying my first pair of Lululemon pants. ¬†(Quite honestly, if I’ve run into you in the last week, I’ve told you that story….and probably showed you the video.) ūüôā


Amy immediately suggested the Wonder Under pants (she likes the high waisted ones.) She said they’re great for lifting because they stay put and when you bend over to deadlift, your panties don’t show through (always a concern as no one wants to see your Wonder Woman undies as you pick up an Atlas Stone.)


So, I grabbed a few pants and headed to the dressing room.


Wonder Under Crop Hi-Rise: ($88)

I started with Amy’s suggestion and tried the Wonder Under Crop Hi-Rise in size 2 . ¬†As soon as I put them on, I understood the phenomenon that is the Lulu pant. ¬†These guys feel fantastic. ¬†The fabric is thick (but not “sweat your butt thick”) and a bit cottony, which I liked. ¬†Here’s a pic of the High-Rise (left) and Regular Wunder Under (right.) ¬†You can see, the High-Rise (left) hit about an inch above my belly button. ¬†The Regular (right) hit a little under my belly button.




A few things – I’ve never worn high-rise pants, but I kinda’ liked how they felt. ¬†It was like a gentle hug around my waist. ¬†And honestly, who doesn’t want a hug from their pants? I could see where the high-waist would really stay in place during box jumps and jump rope. I did question how these would feel running, though.


Now, check it out, these are supposed to be cropped length. ¬†But, on this 5′ tall girl, they were full pants. ¬†When I went¬†to check out my booty in the dressing room lounge mirror, Erik, one of the employees helping in the dressing room, was quick to point out that Lululemon does free alterations for any pants. ¬†That’s like music to this short-girl’s ears. Amy (a little vertically-challenged like myself) said she buys these and has them altered to right under her knees. ¬†Good to know. ¬†I put these in the “Maybe” pile and moved on to the next pair.


Real Quick Crop: ($88)

The next one Erik suggested trying on was the Real Quick Crop. ¬†But, they didn’t have a size 2 in solid black. ¬†So, he brought me a black and white patterned one to try on. ¬†Here’s a pic:


Real Quick Crop


Now these guys feel more like the normal workout pants I wear. ¬†They were a little more spandexy. ¬†They had some mesh panels (which made it cute.) ¬†According to the tag, these are “Luxtreme fabric” that is good for sweat-wicking. ¬†And anyone that has ever worked out with me knows I need sweat-wicking everything. ¬†(Sorry for the sweat piles, guys.)


I said these felt like they’d be great to run in. ¬†Erik (who Jen and I quickly became friends with) agreed these were great for running. ¬†But, the only problem is – this girl only wears solid pants. ¬†No need to draw any added attention to these huge Quads for the Gods. ¬†So, I was sad they didn’t have these in solid black. ¬†The good news is, Erik said I could order these right there at the store and have them shipped directly to my house. ¬†I added these to the “Maybe” pile, too.


Pace Rival Crop: ($88)

The next pair up was the “Pace Rival Crop.” ¬†These were a pretty quick “no” for me. ¬†Even though they were supposed to be good for running, something about these just didn’t feel right to me. ¬†After I tried on the lovely-feeling Wunder Unders, these Pace Rival Crops just kind of fell short for me in comparion. ¬†I passed on these. ¬†Here’s a pic:


Pace Rival Crop. ¬†Nope, didn’t know my socks didn’t match until I got to the store. ¬†Yikes.


Stop at Nothing Crop: ($88)

Ok, they only had these in a size 4, so I tried them on anyway. ¬†These felt pretty good. ¬†And, the size 4 was a bit roomier, but I could tell that as soon as I started running in a size 4, I’d be pulling and tugging to keep them from sliding down to my ankles. ¬†I did love the reflective details on the side of these guys. ¬†For an early-morning runner, the more reflective gear I can have, the better. ¬†Next time I go back, I’ll try these in a size 2 to see how they feel. ¬†But, for today, I put them in the “no” pile.


Stop at Nothing Crop.


So, I narrowed it down to two finalists: the Wunder Under High-Rise Crop (which I had to get altered to actually be crop length on me) and the Real Quick Crop (which I would have to order today and get shipped to me.)


After consulting with Jen, we made the decision that any real shopper would make – I decided to get both.


Erik placed my order for the solid black Real Quick Crops and ran my card right there in the dressing room. ¬†They were ordered and set to be shipped to my door (without shipping charge) before I could even get my shoes back on. ¬†Now that’s convenient.


Erik measured my pants and marked them for alterations and said they’d be ready in 7-10 days. ¬†Not too shabby.


Jen and I walked through the store again, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything else. Jen ended up buying an adorable tennis skirt for her daughter and the CUTEST navy blue pants – the technical Lululemon color is “Inkwell.” I mentally added the navy pants to my Wedding Anniversary Wish List – I think the traditional 12th wedding anniversary gift is Lululemon, right? Hint, hint, Stephen. ūüôā


When I got to the cash register to pay for my Wunder Under pants, Amy said, “These pants are on us.” ¬†I had no idea what she was talking about and was a big confused. ¬†I think I responded with something like, “No, I haven’t paid for these yet.” ¬†Amy told me that Lululemon was a company that supported setting and reaching goals and that reaching goals through hard work was something to be celebrated. ¬†She congratulated me on hitting my goal of my 300# deadlift and said the pants were on them. ¬†Best. Day. Ever.


Me and Amy.  How cute is she?  And, yes, for the record, I made her watch my video of my deadlift.


I know Lululemon has had some bad press over the last few years, but let me tell you this – if the rest of the Lululemon corporation is anything like the staff at the Lexington, Kentucky Lululemon store — then they have nothing to worry about. ¬†Those are top-notch employees offering a top-notch product. ¬†Bravo, Lululemon.


Me, Jen, Erik and a cameo appearance by Bonnie Jo Dailey (Cynthiana native and Lululemon badass.) I have no idea what Jen is looking at here. ūüôā


My Thoughts on the Lululemon Experience:

  • Employees: The employees are all super athletic. ¬†And, to me this is super important because they understand the importance of your clothes not just looking good but allowing you to perform. ¬†I loved that Amy does Crossfit and Erik was a rock climber and Bonnie Jo does, well, every athletic event possible. ¬†They wear and workout in the clothes and actually knew how they moved from experience. ¬†It’s always important when someone can understand what you do as an athlete (and the importance of “stay-put” pants.)
  • Price: Yes, the price is high. ¬†Most of the pants were $88. ¬†But, honestly, my drawers are full of Target and Walmart workout pants that don’t fit well, I can’t run in, that are stretched out, you get the idea. ¬†I think I’m going to be a “Quality over Quantity” girl for my workout pants. ¬†Get a few good quality ones instead of a million cheap-os that don’t fit well, feel good or last long.


So, my overview: Lululemon lived up to the hype. ¬†Still on the fence? ¬†Go check out the store and try on a pair of the Wunder Under pants. ¬†I pretty much bet you’ll be walking home with one of those little red bags, too.




Lulu Love!


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