Dry Shampoo: Your New Best Friend


I received this text this week.




That is not a joke. That is a real text. After laughing out loud, it got me thinking about the topic of how to fit your workouts into your day and not look like a hot mess. 



So true.


Now, y’all already know that I usually get in multiple workouts a day (check out THIS ARTICLE that outlines one week of my exercise routine.) I sweat. A lot. And not just one time a day. So, a lot of the time, a full shower after each workout just isn’t practical. But I’ve found a secret I’m going to share with you guys.  A little tip that will help keep you from being “that smelly lady with the greasy hair.”


I use dry shampoo.


Here’s the type I use – TreSemme’ Fresh Start.  Now, I honestly have no idea if this one is any better than others, it’s just the first I ever used and I’ve stuck with it.  





Guys, I was late to the game discovering this little shower in a can. But it is a lifesaver. After morning workouts, I have to drop my daughter off at school and look semi-presentable. So, the way I do it is by using dry shampoo. Just spray this stuff in your hair, let it dry, then brush and style as normal. Ta da! Your hair will be sweat and gym-smell free.


Full disclosure here – when you use dry shampoo, your hair is not going to look as good as if you freshly washed, dried and styled it. But it’s one of those “close enough” jobs. If you’re going out on a job interview or a first date, grab the Pantene and leave this little guy for another (less important) time.



Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle and brush your hair very well after you use it. If you spray too close to your head or don’t brush well enough, you’ll end up with a PePe le Pew white strip in your hair (And, in the words of the Parisian skunk himself, “Tres Mauvais” ….that’s the only French I know.) 


Brush your dry shampoo well to avoid this look.


So, if you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze in some extra workouts in your day (a lunch run, or an afternoon jog before your book club) and not be Greasy Hair McGee (seems like a good name for a sweaty hair person), try some dry shampoo. I bet you start carrying it in your gym bag, too.


Sweat on!



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