No One Is Comfortable In A Bathing Suit


The title of today’s blog post could probably just be the whole article. Seriously. The blog could read: “No one is comfortable in a bathing suit. The End.” Because it really is that simple. But, I want to take a few minutes and expand on this a bit because it’s something every woman needs to hear.

Here is a picture of me in a bathing suit.


Not my heaviest. Not my leanest. Just regular me.


Yep, that’s me. I weigh 120lbs. I currently have 16% body fat. And I have abs that you can physically count — I am not comfortable in a bathing suit. I have friends who are incredibly fit and have rockin’ bodies and guess what – they are not comfortable in bathing suits. It’s just the nature of the beast here guys: tiny pieces of spandex expose lots of skin and lots of insecurities.


So, today I wanted dive into bathing suit insecurity (yes, that was a purposeful pun.) There are a few things I want to make sure everyone knows as we head into the upcoming bathing suit weather….


No One Cares: Let me start with this – no one cares what you look like. Really. You may think everyone at the pool is going to judge your thighs and arms and abs, but guess what – no one at the pool is even going to notice.  Everyone at the pool is just worried about if they remembered their kid’s floaties, how long ago they put on sunscreen and keeping their boobs from flopping out of their new bikini top – they don’t even give you a thought. Eleanor Roosevelt has the best quote, “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” Wise words. So, don’t spend time worrying about it.  Instead realize everyone is just trying to tend to their own garden and they don’t have time to worry about yours.





You’re Too Harsh on Yourself: Come on, ladies….we are so hard on ourselves and our bodies (guilty, here.) You may stand in front of the mirror picking apart every little thing on your body, but guess what, no one else is doing that. As women, we view ourselves with such a harsh, critical eye and compare ourselves to unreachable standards….and that’s simply not fair. Truth Sandwich here: none of us are going to look like Jennifer Aniston. So, there’s no need comparing ourselves to that. Be kind to yourself. I promise the way you see yourself and your body is not how others see you.


Dress Your Best/Go With Confidence: Before you head to a pool, get a spray tan. Do your makeup. Paint your toenails. Find a bathing suit that actually fits and is flattering (check out this article on “How to Bathing Suit Shopping Without Crying” for some tips on shopping.) These are all things that are going to make you feel good about yourself. Put your best foot forward so that you feel and act confident going into your pool parties. After all, you’ve heard the quote, “The best accessory a girl can wear is confidence.”




Have Fun: I can remember dreading going to a pool party.  Hoping that it rains on the weekend because I didn’t want to go to the pool in a bathing suit.  That. Is. Ridiculous. Ladies – no one is going to remember what bathing suit you had on or if you had cellulite on your thighs, or if your arms were a little wobbly – but they are going to remember the epic chicken fight, classic cannonball contest and wonderful poolside bbq. Get over your self-doubt and insecurities and go have fun. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Check this out: Here’s a picture of me and my friends at a pool party last summer.


Pool party fun.


Yes, I was dreading putting on my bathing suit and going – as I’m sure every girl there was. But guess what – I can’t tell you what any girl had on.  I can’t tell you who looked good in a bathing suit or who had jiggly arms.  But I do remember Brandie’s awesome front flip, the ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies and the floating beer pong.  Moral of the story – enjoy the summer and don’t let your body image or insecurities or fear or ridiculously wrong self-image let you miss out on any of that fun.


Guys, summertime is filled with so many awesome water activities: pool parties, beach trips, slip and slides….the list goes on forever. Make sure you don’t miss out of any of these because you’re scared of putting on that bathing suit.  Because, let me bottom line it for you – no one (I repeat NO ONE) is comfortable in a bathing suit. The best we can all do, is to make sure we’re squeezing every bit of laughter, smiles and fun out of our bathing suit covered summer.


Suit Up!

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