It’s Like Christmas Morning: New Tennis Shoes


I came home to this waiting for me on my front porch…




It’s my new running shoes.  I am actually giddy.  (Yes, giddy.)


Aren’t they pretty?


See, I’ve had my tennis shoes for about three months now and they’ve had a lot of miles, jumping and lifting done in them and, quite frankly, they are worn out.


It’s interesting – to look at my tennis shoes, you wouldn’t think they look worn down and that it was time to get new ones.  But, they are.


FullSizeRender (3)
They may look okay, but these guys are ready for retirement.


I can not stress to you enough the importance of good running shoes.  Seriously.  Take it from someone who has had surgery on BOTH feet – do NOT mess around with your feet. This isn’t an area where you want to skimp.  (New shoes are much cheaper than foot surgery.)


So, I wanted to take today’s blog to focus on a few tips about running shoes, particularly how to know when you need new ones:


Sore Joints:  Ok, this is usually the first way I can tell it’s time for me to order some new tennis shoes. The fronts of my knees start getting sore.  If you have sore knees, feet or hips, it’s a pretty good sign that your shoes are worn down and they are simply not effective anymore.  The more you wear your shoes, the less shock absorption, cushioning and stability they provide you.  It’s usually recommended that you replace your shoes between 300-500 miles.  But, if you do a lot of jumping or road running, you may need to replace them a little earlier.  So, listen to your joints.

*Here’s a Tip: If you can’t remember when you bought your shoes (I’m always guilty of this) try writing the date on the inside of your shoe.


Don’t hurt your joints by running in old tennis shoes.


Twist Test: If you hold your shoes at both ends and twist the shoe, it should be firm and hard to twist.  If it twists easily – it’s time to hop on over to Zappos and start shopping for a new pair.


Check the Treads:  If the treads on the bottom of your shoe (especially the soles of your shoes) are worn down, run (don’t walk) to Foot Locker for new shoes.  Your foot is pounding the pavement and that shoe is no longer providing the shock absorption it used to.  That means bad news for your joints.


I wear THESE shoes.  They’re the Brooks Adrenaline.  I have tried a million different types of tennis shoes and these are the best for my feet.  Does that mean they’ll work for you? Who knows?  When you’re buying new shoes try on a ton of different types and styles. Run around the store in them (yes, you’ll look a little funny, but you want a pair that fit well.) And, don’t just buy a pair that is cute.  Buy ones for performance not looks.  Just because they have polka dots that match your gym bag isn’t a good enough reason to choose them over the ones that actually fit.


chicken with shoes
Buy shoes for how they fit and feel – regardless of how they look.



And now, my key point for shoes – DON’T SKIMP ON THEM!  This is not a place you want to cut corners. Pay for a good pair of running shoes. Ones that fit well and support your foot. My tennis shoes are literally the most expensive pair of shoes in my closet, but they are well worth keeping my feet, knees and hips happy.  Pay full price for the shoes and cut corners other places.
tennis shoes expensive


I have some happy feet that can’t wait to get out on the pavement and break these little guys in.  Hope you get out on the road, too….just in good tennis shoes.


Run on!




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