Why Can’t I Lose Weight: Part II


You’re eating healthy. You’re doing cardio.  You’re hitting the weights.  But the scale won’t budge.  Sound familiar??


A few months ago, I posted “Why Can’t I Lose Weight.”  Go, check it out HERE if you didn’t get a chance to read it.  Because today, I’m going to follow up on another reason you may not be losing weight.


Well, I hate to be Debbie Downer here guys, but the reason you’re not losing weight usually comes down to one thing – you’re eating too much or (more specifically) more than you think.  {Enter the food scale.}




Now before you just click the little “x” box and close out of this article, hear me out….


My Intro to the Food Scale:

A few years ago, I was at the same point you are – I thought I was doing everything correctly to lose weight (key word was THOUGHT.)  So, I picked up a cheap, electronic food scale at Walmart. I started using the scale to see how much meat I was putting on my sandwiches and how many ounces my hamburger and grilled chicken actually weighed. And guess what — I was WAY off.  I was underestimating the weight of almost all my meat.  And not by a little bit, by a lot.  Which was, in turn, meaning I was underestimating my calories I was eating.  


Me and my food scale.


Let me give you an example:  I would eat a homemade hamburger and assume it was around 2.5 oz of beef.  That would mean roughly 150 calories.  But, when I would weigh that little juicy burger, it would be closer to 4 ½ oz of beef (350 calories.)  That’s an extra 200 calories right there just for one item of my dinner. Do that at every meal and I’m looking at an extra 500-600 calories a day – Yowza!


Not to mention the difference in the amount of meat I was putting on my sandwich. There’s a big difference in calories in 1.5oz of turkey and 4oz.


How I felt when I realized my calorie underestimation.


Underestimating What You’re Eating:

So, when I realized how off my estimation was with meats, I decided to bust out my measuring cups to see how far off I was on estimating the amount of peas on my plate, salad dressing on my salad and tomato sauce on my pasta.  Again – WAY off.  


Little by little, my underestimation of my food intake was adding up to a ton of extra calories that I didn’t know I was eating.


If you’re putting in the time in the gym, eating healthy food and not seeing movement, let me recommend this – break out the food scale and the measuring cups for a few days. Check out what you’re actually eating and see how close it is to what you thought you were eating.  I’d be willing to bet you’re underestimating the calories you’re eating, too.




How Long to Use the Food Scale:

Now, I am not saying you need to weigh and measure everything you eat every single day. Just do it for a few days to remind yourself what sizes and weights look like.  Get an idea of what three ounces of meat looks like or a cup of fruit.  Then put the scale and measuring cups away and use those mental images to continue your healthy eating.


Guys, when you’re trying to lose weight, the main thing I’ll tell you is to know what you’re putting in your body. Make sure you know how many calories are going in so you can know how your body reacts to that.


I’m a “knowledge is power” type of girl when it comes to fitness.  I want to know exactly what I ate, how long I slept, what my scale read that morning and what weight I lifted that day so I can see trends in my performance, weight on the scale and know how it affects my body.  

schoolhouse rock

So, if you’re eating healthy, exercising and still not seeing the scale move, or if you’re starting to see the scale creep up a bit, bust out the food scale and measuring cups for a few days and make sure you’re eating what you think you are.  It’ll help get you on track to meet your fitness goals.

Scale it Up!


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