My Trip to the Farmer’s Market


Saturday was opening weekend of the local Farmer’s Market. It’s basically opening day for fresh food lovers. And, anywhere you can find good, fresh food, you can usually find me.


Yes, my kid is in her pajamas.  Don’t judge.


Guys, Farmer’s Markets are one of the best places to get fresh, delicious food that fits into your healthy diet.  You can find fruit, veggies, eggs, meats – you never know what you’ll find!  They’re all locally grown and fresh from the fields. (Meaning MUCH fresher than the fruits and veggies sitting on the Walmart shelves….)


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My sister, Mandy, and I ran to the market (yes, literally ran) to see what goodies they had. My hubby, Elinor and niece, Ivy, met us there.

Post-run trip to Farmer’s Market. (Overlook the makeup free faces and sweat.)


The first thing I snagged was some fresh asparagus.  OMG – this stuff looked good.  And, grilled asparagus is one of my absolute favorite summer veggies.



I also grabbed some local honey (Elinor loves it on toast.)




Then, the most exciting surprise ever – they had FRESH STRAWBERRIES!! Now, if you have never had fresh strawberries, you are missing out.  They look kinda’ funny (not that perfect shape you see in the Walmart shelves) but they are so sweet.  If you’re working on cleaning up your diet to include low-calorie, healthier foods – these little, red guys are perfection.  They’ll stop that sweet tooth — and do it with a lot less calories than a Kit-Kat.



I got two quarts of strawberries Saturday morning — and they’re already all gone. 🙂 They were so good, we had to eat a few while we were still there.


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Today’s blog post is short and sweet – find your local Farmer’s Market and get your booty there.  Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies.  They’re delicious, so fresh, and you’ll be doing your part to help your local farming families.


I have no idea what happened to all the strawberries….


Eat Fresh!

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