Yep, You Can Do It (If You Really Want To…)

I got this text the other night:




That’s from my sister-in-law, Jen.  She is straight rocking her weight loss right now.  This girl is down 24lbs since September (13lbs of that since the end of February.)  And she looks amazing.


How good does she look?!?


I love the text she sent.  It kind of wraps up her weight loss in one text.  See, Jen isn’t just complaining that she wants to lose weight, she is straight up putting in the work to make it happen. She spent an hour washing, slicing and bagging fruit so that she could have healthy, low-cal snacks for her to eat at work and home.  None of that bellyaching and complaining how “I can’t find anything low-cal to eat at work” or “it’s so expensive to buy cut fruit at the grocery” or better yet, “I just can’t lose weight” — she is putting in the time and effort required to see results.  Bravo, Jen.


Setting Goals:

Jen set a goal awhile back to compete at USS Nationals this summer (yay!) And, she wanted to do it in the 123lbs weight class with me.  It’s been a great goal and a wonderful motivator for her.  Every great goal has three components and her goal hits every one:

It’s Measurable – Pounds on the scale

Definite Time Frame – June 11th, the date of the competition

Plan to Reach the Goal – Watch calorie intake and increase exercise


So, How’d She Do It?

You know what is super awesome about watching Jen drop some crazy weight – she has gone about her weight loss the absolute best way possible.  She’s cleaned up her diet, increased her exercising, leaned on her accountability partners, and is using the tortoise method — you know “slow and steady wins the race.”  She hasn’t dropped 10 pounds in a week. She’s lost it little by little, slowly but surely to get to this point.  It’s fantastic.


Motivating Others:

One other thing that I (selfishly) love about Jen’s journey, is that it is incredibly motivating….for me. Honestly, when you see someone that is so “on their game,” so tunnel-visioned, focused and motivated, you can’t help but have that rub off on you.  Case in point: at dinner the other night, she skipped the bread with our soup and she opted for Diet Coke instead of a glass of wine.  Both tough decisions, but ones that are leading her toward her goal and ones that I can’t help but see and want to emulate.


Weight Loss Side Effects:

There have been some serious side effects to Jen’s weight loss that I think need to be noted:

She looks Amazing: Honestly, her butt and thighs are stupid small.

Confidence: I watched her model bathing suits the other day.  It wasn’t the “how much can I cover up” or “I dread this” time of the past.  She looked great, you could tell she felt great….and she bought the bikini. 🙂

Success Breeds Success:  The more success Jen has seen, the more success she wants to see. She’s adding in sprints to her running, extra walking, traded in her chocolate for fruit, swapped out her potato chips for salads — and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

So, for today’s blog, I hope you’ll take away a few tips from Jen’s playbook:

  1. Weight loss doesn’t come easy, you have to work for it
  2. Put in the time exercising
  3. Put in the time in the kitchen (cut those veggies, bag that fruit, grill those chicken breasts…)
  4. Set a goal with the three main components (measurable, set time frame and a plan to reach the goal)


Jen, I love it.  You’re doing great.  Your hard work and dedication is motivating lots of people (including me.)  You’re always awesome – now you’re just awesome in size two jeans. 🙂


I can’t wait to see you hit your weight goal and compete beside you at Nationals!


Be like Jen. 🙂



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