My Old Kentucky Home: It’s Derby Weekend!


I’m a Kentucky girl – born and raised.  I drink bourbon, bleed blue and bet on horses. Long live the Bluegrass State. Can I get an Amen?



And, this weekend is the Kentucky Derby. A day where the wonderful trifecta of bourbon, horses and fancy hats all come together – it’s kind of like the Superbowl of Kentucky.



Of course, I have my derby hat ready.  Of course, I have my derby dress ready.  And, of course, I plan on having a mint julep, or two….


ky derby infographic


Today’s blog doesn’t have any tips on how to get in shape.  It doesn’t have any low-cal recipes that I’ve found and love.  Doesn’t even share any words of wisdom I’ve learned in the gym.  Instead, it’s just about celebrating the rewards that come with a healthy lifestyle.  One of the awesome side effects of living a healthy lifestyle is getting to show off the results.  I have a rockin’ dress to wear to my Derby festivities.  It fits well, shows a little shoulder and hugs a few curves as tightly as the Derby horses turning for the homestretch. (Somewhere my middle school English teacher is smiling after reading that sentence….)


Working hard to be healthy and in shape is hard work.  It’s making tough decisions every day.  And a lot of those decisions are never seen by anyone else but me.  It’s choosing the banana over the brownie.  Getting out of bed for a spin class instead of hitting the snooze button.  Running that extra lap when I wanted to stop. But, all those little, difficult decisions pay off.  And for this weekend, I’m going to celebrate that hard work and show it off in my little Derby dress.


Now, don’t hate here, ladies.  I’m not one of those “I can eat anything I want and stay skinny girls.”  I’m more of a “I work my ass off for this body.”  I once heard an interview with Julia Roberts and she said, “I don’t have the body I want, I have the body I deserve.” Is my body perfect?  Lordy no, it’s far from it.  But right now, I’m rockin’ the body that I deserve and I’ve earned.


So, keep on working, ladies.  I know I will.  I’m certainly not finished.  I’m going to keep hitting the weights, pounding the pavement and passing on the dessert tray because I love the results and the confidence it gives me a little black dress (or in this case, my flowered Derby dress.)


Love from the Bluegrass State, Y’all.


 – Rebecca


*Go follow me on Instagram for pictures of my Derby outfit on Saturday @cynthianastrong or like “Cynthiana Strong” on Facebook for pics of my Derby Day*


P.S. – For all my non-Kentucky readers, here’s a link showing how to make the perfect Mint Julep cocktail.






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