Four Tips on Splurging Without Killing Your Diet

I just got back from a work trip to Memphis. Yep, Memphis. Home of BB King, blues and, yes, BBQ.


Now, y’all know I’m watching my calories. And, if you know me, you know I LOVE BBQ, especially good BBQ. So, you’re probably wondering….did I eat the BBQ or not.


Yes. Yes I did.


Guys, I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and working
our fitness goals. I
believe it takes dedication and hard work to reach your fitness goals. I also believe that living a life eating boiled chicken out of Tupperware is no life for me. The secret is in the balance. And that balance is truly a tricky thing.


So, here’s what I did to enjoy one of life’s great pleasures (and yes, Memphis BBQ is one of life’s great pleasures) and still stay on track with my goals:


I went to eat at Germantown Commissary. It’s the adorably tiny hole in the wall BBQ place.


It’s continually listed as one of the top BBQ places in Memphis.


Now, the menu was covered with fried chicken, French fries, banana pudding and beer.


FullSizeRender (8)


Here’s where my compromise came in. I ordered a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. No fries for me. And yes, I skipped the cornbread. I said no to all the “extras” and just dined on that delicious BBQ instead of missing out and ordering another salad.


Yes, you can live a healthy life without depriving yourself of everything. You can reach your fitness goals without living solely off protein shakes and egg whites.


I tell you guys my Memphis story because there are four tips I want you to take away from today’s BBQ story:


#1) 95/5: A lot of people will say they eat clean 80% of the time and 20% of the time they don’t. I probably adhere closer to 95/5. See, I eat cleanly when I’m at home. When it’s easy. I eat my egg whites for breakfast, snack on fruit around town and have salads for dinner. So, that way, when I get the opportunity to have things worth splurging on (like Memphis BBQ) I can do it. It’s an exception rather than the norm. Just leave your “splurges” for real splurges (a Big Mac is not a rare splurge….)

Yep, hit up the hotel gym for a light after-dinner workout.

#2) Compensate: I knew I was going to eat a little more calories than normal, so I made sure to hit up the hotel gym that night. Just a way to help off-set a little of the extra calories I had for the day.

#3) Don’t Go Crazy: Notice when I said I ate BBQ that I didn’t say I ate the BBQ…and the onion rings and the cheese fries and the cheesecake. I picked what I really wanted and ate it (and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.) I didn’t eat the whole menu. Like my sister-in-law, Jen, says, “don’t eat like an idiot.” It’s okay to splurge, just don’t be stupid about it.

#4) Get Back On It: Know what I had for breakfast today? Oatmeal. Know what I had for lunch? A salad. I didn’t let my one splurge bleed into today. I got back on my normal eating today to help keep me on track and reaching for my goals.


Y’all, you don’t have to live an “eat out of a Tupperware” life. You can (and should) enjoy the fantastic pleasures that this awesome world has to offer. Just be smart about it. Make your splurges exceptions, not the norm.


Long live BBQ.

 – Rebecca

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