The Bathroom Scales are NOT My Friend


Well, the scales have not been kind to me lately.  Since January, I have seen an increase of three and a half pounds.  Yikes.


Now, 3.5lbs may not seem like much to you, but for someone that has been watching their diet, hitting the weights and burning up the cardio, this pretty much sucks.


I’ve been complaining about it for about two weeks now. My poor hubby has GOT to be tired of hearing about it and my lifting girls are probably blocking my texts by now. (Sorry, guys.) So, I decided to listen to my own advice and go get my body fat percentage taken.


The last time I had my body fat read, it was January 25th and it was 16.9%.  With my recent weight gain on the scale, I almost dreaded seeing what yesterday’s number was going to read.  But, when I had it read yesterday morning, it was 16.7%.  Did you get that?  I actually have LESS body fat than I did three months ago but I weight more. What the what?


Here are my numbers side by side:






Muscle Mass



Body Water



Body Fat



What does that mean??


Well, it means that (contrary to all the texts and whining sessions) I am NOT getting fatter (like the scale alone would lead me to believe.) It means that in 14 weeks, I put on over 2lbs of muscle (and came in a little more hydrated today.)


(FYI – if you want more information on healthy body weight, tracking methods, etc, go check out this article.)


Guys, I tell you all this story for one INCREDIBLY important point: do not let the scale alone be your only judge of your fitness and weight loss success. We all know that gaining muscle can cause the scale to go up, but simultaneously cause you to slim down.  (Oh, weight loss – why must you be so confusing…)

So, my tips for you guys today are pretty simple:


Take Your Measurements: Yep, bust out the ‘ole tape measure and measure your arms, thighs, hips, biceps, heck – anywhere you might want to use for a comparison.  Write those down and track your progress every few months. It’s a nice way to track progress even if the scale isn’t budging.



Take Progress Pictures: Take some pictures of yourself (front, side and back) in tighter fitting clothes.  Then take the same pictures every few months.  You can compare them side by side and see your progress and the changes in your body that are coming from all your hard work in the gym. (Changes that may/may not be reflected on the scale yet.)


Looking good, Lady Liberty.


Get Your Body Fat Taken: Find a good, reliable method and check your body fat (this link has a lot more info on the best ways to track your body fat and healthy body fat percentages.) But get your body fat done and track it every few months.  It’s the best way for me to see where I am in my progress. When you’re building muscle mass, you may see the scale go up. But tracking your body fat will help you to know if that weight gain is due to muscle or the extra Girl Scout Cookies….



Y’all weight loss is both incredibly easy and incredibly hard.  All those hours in the gym may not be reflected on the scale.  Don’t get discouraged!!  Make sure that you’re using the tracking methods above so that you can see your progress, even if it’s not on the scale.


Remember: Fitness is More than a Number on a Scale.


Keep working!


– Rebecca


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