You Can Lose Weight Without Loving Veggies


Okay, some nutritionists are going to cringe at the title of today’s post, but it’s true: you can lose weight without eating veggies.


Image result for vegetable gif
Don’t you want to be friends with these happy little guys?


Now before I go any further I want to say this – vegetables are fantastic. Vegetables are your friend. They will, undoubtedly, help you lose weight. They’re lowcal, packed with nutrients and incredibly healthy. You SHOULD be eating them. That being said, some people just don’t like them.



In the last two weeks, I have had two people come up to me telling me that they don’t like vegetables and therefore, they can’t lose weight. Well, I’m here to tell you this – you’re going to need to find a new reason, because I’m about to throw that one out the window. Let me explain…



I don’t like cauliflower. And please don’t ever try to get me to eat broccoli – even if it’s deep fried and covered in cheese and gravy. If you ever see me eating broccoli, just assume I have been kidnapped and that is my way of signalling you to call the cops. Seriously – ugh. 


I wish I could blame my mother for not pushing me to eat these more when I was younger, but at age 35, I think I’ve made my own bed here. But, I’ll tell you this – I do know the veggies I like, and I incorporate them into my diet. And, I have managed to lose weight, gain muscle, perform in the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle without just snacking on raw carrots every day. There are other options that are healthy that will still help you lose weight without eating only cucumber slices. So, for any of those non-veggie eaters, here’s a few pointers for you:


“I have managed to lose weight, gain muscle, perform in the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle without just snacking on raw carrots every day.”


Other Healthy Snacks: Just because you don’t like veggies doesn’t mean you get to snack on junk food. Step away from the Doritos. If you’re starting your weight-loss journey and don’t like veggies, snack on apple slices, cheese, almonds, yogurt – the options of healthy, low-calorie alternatives are endless. If you don’t like carrot sticks, try a piece of fruit. Just be sure to log the calories in your fruit, too.


Side Item Options: Can’t think of any other side option beside raw veggies? Try a salad. Or find the veggies you do like, and add them to your side dish options. I know I love peas and lima beans (I credit my Aunt Julie for the lima bean love.  She told me they would make my ears wiggle if I ate them. Still waiting, Aunt Julie….) So, I’ll keep frozen lima beans and peas in my freezer as an easy dinner side dish.


I guess Captain Kirk had an Aunt Julie, too.



Experiment: Just because you didn’t like a veggie when you were in middle school doesn’t mean you still dislike it. Your taste buds change. You grow up. Try that tomato again as an adult. Or, better yet, try experimenting with different ways to eat/cook it. I bet you’ll run across a veggie you thought you hated but love. I mean, really, have you tried Brussel Sprouts as an adult?? Yummm




Guys, whether you like veggies or not, when you’re starting your weight loss journey, the first basic rule of weight loss is to start watching your overall calories.  But, for those veggie-haters, those calories don’t have to come from just veggies. There are other low-calorie, healthy foods (like fruit, yogurt, nuts…) that will help you lose weight.  Use the tips above to help find a healthy diet and foods that work for you and your body.


So, next time you see me, I hope you’ll tell me that you’ve tried a new veggie,
experimented with a new veggie cooking method or that you’re just sticking to other low-ca
lorie food choices. I would be happy to hear about all your new recipes and dishes.  Just please don’t try and get me to eat your broccoli…


Touche’ Mr. Broccoli



Peace, Love and Veggies.




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