Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Well, in case you didn’t know, I have the best husband ever. Seriously. He’s pretty awesome – in a lot of ways. But one thing that he excels at is calming me down and bringing me back to reality. (I am sure he’s just now copied that paragraph and is sending it to be framed for our den….)


Honestly, how cute is he?


Yesterday, when I was (once again) talking about my upcoming US Strongman Nationals, I started to talk about how nervous I was. About how I wanted to perform well and didn’t want to embarrass myself. Then he said something that has stuck with me. He said this:


“We are people that aren’t afraid to put ourselves out there, which separates us from most people. It’s not the outcome. It’s overcoming the fear that others cannot.”


Wow. Wise words. I feel like that should have been said by a little green guy in a bath sheet (Yes, I’m talking about Yoda….)




But, it did get me thinking. There are a lot of people that are too scared to put themselves out there. Too scared that they might fail that they never try things that put them outside of their comfort zones.




But, it’s the people that look at that risk, the possibility of failure, of disappointment of
embarrassment and say, “What the hell, I’m doing it anyway” that are the true winners either way. Because you know what’s on the flip side of that risk – success, satisfaction, fulfillment and pride. Four of my favorite words.


So, today, I encourage you to find something – anything – that makes you step outside of your comfort zone and do it. Sign up for a 5K, sing Karaoke, host a dinner party, sign up for US Strongman Nationals. Yes, it’s a gamble. Yes, sometimes you will fail. But sometimes, you’ll succeed. And regardless of the outcome, you’ll be the one truly living and experiencing life.



Go Do It!


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