It’s Competition Week (Here’s What I’m Doing)


Well, it’s competition week.  Woah.  US Strongman Nations happens THIS SATURDAY.  I am both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous.


Yesterday, I touched the last Strongman implements I will touch until the day of competition.  Now, it’s time to make sure I go into Saturday as ready mentally and physically as I can be.


So, are you wondering what goes on the week of US Nationals?  Well, here’s the rundown of what I’m doing (and not doing) this week.


Exercise: This week will be a very light week for me.  Lots of resting.  I’ll skip all my morning cardio.  I’ll do my two HIIT/Strength classes this week, but they’ll be super light and pretty easy.  Just something to get the blood pumping a bit, but not enough to make me sore.  I’ll take this week to make sure my body is rested and my muscles ready to go come Saturday.


Food/Drink: I’m incredibly lucky that I don’t have to cut any weight for this competition. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent the last few weeks really eating and trying to get as close to my 123.4 weight cut off as possible. I even ate a donut last week (please don’t cuss me fellow Strongmen that are cutting weight.) So, this week, I’ll eat normally.  Lots of eggs and fruit and yogurt.  Foods that are my go-tos.  Ones that I know how they make my body feel.  Nothing new or super greasy.  I don’t want any surprises or an upset stomach this week.


Sleep: I normally do early morning cardio. But this week, I’ll skip that and sleep in.  I’ll try to turn off my mind when I lay down at night (seriously, how many times can you pretend press a log) and get some much-needed rest.  After all, you know the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and so tired that she doesn’t perform at Nationals.” Isn’t that the saying??




Massage/Chiropractor: I saw the chiropractor Saturday (shout out to Arena for once again working miracles on my shoulders and hamstring.)  And, I’ll see my massage therapist, Dana, this week so she can work out all the kinks and trigger points in my back.  These guys are both vital in keeping me (and my muscles) relaxed, limber and ready to pick up those Atlas Stones come Saturday.


Strongman Takeover: If you see me this week, I can guarantee that I will be thinking, talking, dreaming or doodling about Strongman.  Because – this is it, guys.  I set this goal to compete at Nationals last June.  I’ve worked hard.  Trained hard.  And, all those hours and weeks of training will come to a climax this weekend.




Anxious does not even begin to scratch the surface of what I’m feeling.  I have no idea what the other competitors in my weight class can do.  I only know what I’m capable of. And, I’m going to rest, eat and go into this weekend giving myself the best chance I can.


So, if you see me this week, give me a nod in solidarity.  And know that even though I may look like I’m listening to your story about the selection of produce at Walmart, I am probably daydreaming about pressing that log….again.  (Sorry.)  🙂


T – Minus Four Days…..






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