My USS Nationals Wrap-Up (Pics Galore!)


Well, the 2016 US Strongman National Championship is in the books.  The day I’ve been training for for months has come and gone.


I thought I’d give you guys a little recap of the day, the incredible roller coaster of emotions and the surprise ending (hint: think Miss Universe…..)


This competition ended up with 314 total competitors.  And my weight class totaled 11 girls – with some crazy tough competitors (and lots of tattoos.)



It’s hard to explain the emotions that come along on the day of a competition like this. It’s like your nerves are electric.  Like you could bubble over with tears or screams or throw up at any moment.  Thankfully, only one of those happened this weekend. #waterproofmascara


I had an awesome cheering section.  Seriously, my mom is the best cheerleader ever. Her “You are so strong” will never get old.  And somehow, I always manage to hear Mandy’s voice in the roar of the crowd.  And Stephen, once again, managed to calm me down and keep my head in the game – even after an incredibly disappointing showing on the Log Press.  Jen and Heather that were to listen to my “what-ifs” and remind me of our training cues.  And, of course, all the BBR and Cynthiana folks that were there cheering, high-fiving and encouraging me all day long.



Not every event went as planned.  Some events that I planned on rocking (aka log clean and press) straight sucked.  But others I planned on hitting the middle of the pack, I ended up crushing (hello tying first place on deadlift.) But as a wise Strongman trainer once said, “In order to win a competition, you don’t have to win every event.  You just have to be at the top of the pack in every event.” (Thanks, Robby.)



With 314 competitors, we didn’t know scoring after each event.  Didn’t know exactly where we stood throughout the day.  And, the winners weren’t going to be announced until at the banquet.

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At the banquet, they announced me as the Third Place winner.  Though I was glad to place at all, a little bit of me was sad.  I had already crunched the numbers, and was almost certain I had placed second.  But, I took my plaque and smiled for the cameras.  Then, in true Steve Harvey/Miss Universe fashion, they noticed their error and had to recall my weight class and correct the awards – giving me SECOND PLACE!!



Mad props to my trainer, Robby, for once again, setting my training program, pushing me and making sure I was ready for competition. (Even though I tell you before EVERY competition I’m not…) 🙂


Needless to say, I am incredibly proud.  I don’t know when I have ever set a goal so high and worked this hard, for this long to reach it.


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Today, I’m suffering from a bit of Strongman Hangover (sore muscles and bruises galore.) And, since the climatic event I’ve been working up to for months has come and gone, I’m left with an usual feeling – almost like a hole.  It’s a little like I don’t remember what to do when I’m not eating, sleeping and breathing Nationals.


But, while I’m taking a little time to nurse sore muscles and come down from the “Nationals high,” I’ll start thinking about what my next challenge will be.  I don’t know what goal I’ll set or skill I’ll try to tackle.  But I do know this – for now, I’m proud of Jen, I’m proud of Heather and I’m proud of me…..and I may (or may not) have slept with my plaque beside me in bed.




Loving My New Hardware,

 – Rebecca



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