I Tried Skinny Girl Cocktails: Here’s My Review


Summer time is officially here!


And for me, Summer is filled with swimming, grilling out and, my favorite – cocktails on the patio with friends.  And, if you’re also like me, I love my patio and cocktails, but the thought of million-calorie cocktails is a bit scary (sugary, high-calorie cocktails and bikinis don’t mix….)


So, I thought I’d give the new Skinny Girl Cocktails a try and see if they were the answer to the low-calorie, yummy cocktail conundrum.


Our five Skinny Girl cocktails.


I called up a few of my good ‘ole drinking friends (and a few hubbies tagged along) and decided to do an old fashioned Skinny Girl Cocktails Taste Test.


Seriously, how cute are my friends?


What We Drank:

I made a trip to Liquor Barn and picked up one of every pre-mixed Skinny Girl cocktail they had – that totaled five types: White Peach Margarita, Sparking Margarita, Sweet ‘n Tart Grapefruit Margarita, White Cranberry Cosmo, and the Mojito.





We all started with a simple taste test of each one and ranked them 1-5 (one being awful and five being awesome.)

We tasted each out of small tasting glasses, then scored each.



Here’s my scorecard. (Please overlook my chicken-scratch handwriting.)


The Winners/Losers:

The findings were pretty interesting.  The overwhelming favorite was the Sweet & Tart Grapefruit Margarita.  Earning a score of 26.5 out of 35 (yes, my friends decided to make their own scoring rubrics and add partial points…..one person *ahem, Joe* scored a drink a 3.761)  And, the overwhelming consensus for worst was the Mojito.  Earning a measly 8 points out of 35 (yikes.)


The group’s total scoring (0-35 possible points.)


After we tasted all the cocktails, we decided to get a glass of our favorite ones to drink.  We rimmed our margarita glasses (because, honestly, who doesn’t want a rimmed cocktail glass) and made our choices.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting to me…



Remarkably, I don’t think anyone finished their cocktail.  Some even opted to drink beer or Diet Coke instead of drinking the Skinny Girl cocktail in front of them.  Though we had a great time tasting them, these cocktails just didn’t quite hit the mark with us.



When I was cleaning up for the night, I asked if anyone wanted to take any of the leftover cocktail bottles home with them…..and no one wanted them.  I think that pretty much sums up the review of these cocktails.  When no one wants free liquor, that’s a pretty bad sign.


Calories Saved:

Most of the Skinny Girl cocktails listed their calories as 35 calories for 1.5oz of the pre-mixed cocktail.  Now, 1.5oz is only about 1.5 shots (which does not even come close to a regular pour of a cocktail.  So, depending on the drink, you could only be saving a few calories drinking Skinny Girl pre-mixed cocktails vs the original drink.  Click HERE for a great article comparing the Skinny Girl calorie counts to their cocktail counterpart.


My Review:

I thought about these cocktails for a long time after our tasting.  Trying to decide who would like these and when they would be appropriate.  And here’s what I came up:

  • Super Strict: Perhaps if you are being incredibly strict on your diet and still want to have a low-calorie drink, this may be an option for you.  It’s definitely not the best tasting cocktail you’ll ever have, but you could sip on one Skinny Girl cocktail all night and not kill your diet.
  • Trade Off of Taste/Calories: Seriously, there is a pretty significant taste/calorie trade off here.  You may be cutting calories, but you’re sacrificing some taste. You’ll want to decide where you fall on the taste/calorie scale.
  • Is it Really Worth It: After seeing the difference in actual calories per a whole glass, you may need to determine if saving, say 50-100 calories, is worth it for the Skinny cocktails. (For me, I’d rather have only one real cocktail than three Skinny Girl bad ones.  Sorry, Bethenny.)
  • We Are Real Drinkers: Another thought, most of the people at my cocktail tasting are what I would call “gourmet cocktail drinkers.”  Man, that sounds snooty, but it’s certainly not. We just don’t drink a lot anymore (thank you toddlers, early bedtimes and our 30s…) but when we do, we go for quality over quantity (think real lime and lemon juice in Margaritas vs bottled pre-mix.)   So, perhaps an Equal Opportunity Drinker (someone that is less picky with their drinks) would find these a bit tastier.


Selfie with the Cocktails


My Review:

For me, I don’t think I’d buy the Skinny Girl cocktails again. I think when I’m being super tight on my diet, I’ll just stick to Diet Coke and skip all cocktails.  And when I really want a cocktail, I’ll order one (only one) regular cocktail and drink it.


Before I wrap u,p, I want to make sure to give a shout out to my sis, Mandy Jane, for letting us crash on her patio (she has the best back yard in downtown Cynthiana.)  And, while I’m on the subject, I want to take a second to give some serious props to living downtown in Cynthiana. Seriously, I LOVE living in downtown Cynthiana….it’s awesome. The growing number of young, fun people is fantastic.  The houses are as unique and charming as the people. And, not to mention, you can walk home from your friend’s house after cocktails…. 🙂



 – Rebecca


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