A No-Fluff Fitness Blog

Welcome to Cynthiana Strong!

I’m Rebecca McCauley and this is my site dedicated to the real side of living a fitness lifestyle.  None of the fluffy, fake and sugar-coated articles you read on a lot of sites.  This is the good, the bad and the ugly of strength training, workouts and healthy eating (or trying to.)  Nothing written because it “sounds good” or it’s what you’re “supposed to do” in healthy living.  Need Proof?? I’ve literally posted everything I’ve eaten in 24 hours.  Really, go look.  The good, the bad and the goldfish crackers.

You’ll also be able to pick up some training tips and some do’s and do not’s of living a healthy lifestyle.

I’m a Strongwoman competitor (3rd place in under 123lbs weight class at 2015 USS Nationals.)  Some of my fitness achievements are: 170# bench, a 22:20 5K, completing a full marathon and squatting 305#.  All at a whopping five feet tall.

I have a love for weight training and an even bigger love for Nutella.  When I’m not lifting cars, I can usually be found having princess tea parties with my daughter, Elinor.

Cynthiana is the cutest little town in Kentucky you’ll ever see.  I’m proud to call it home and proud to let you in on a little piece of being Cynthiana Strong.

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