Ugly Hair Band on Your Wrist? I Found the Solution (You Can Thank Me Later)


Look down at your wrist. Go ahead, do it. I bet you a dollar to a hole in a donut that it looks like this…

Standard uniform of a black hair tie on my wrist.


Yep, that’s my wrist with my trusty hairband around it. And that’s about how I spend every day of my life.




Now, this “hair tie wrist look” isn’t too bad when I’m in yoga pants and workout gear. But when I’m dressed for work, this is not a great look.


Little black dress, pearls and black hair tie. Ugh.


Well, for all you ladies out there, I have the solution for you. Seriously, you’re going to love this. I found the Bandit Bracelet. It’s an adorable little bracelet that lets you wrap your hair band around it making a cute, fashionable bracelet (but keeping that emergency hair elastic close by.)


Seriously, how stinkin’ cute is that? (PS – I was not meant to be a hand model.)



When I ran across this little guy, I knew I HAD to give this a try. So, Bandit Bracelets sent me a bracelet to try out.


Now, the website sells three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. I opted for the Rose Gold, and I love it. It’s a not as “yellow-gold” as a lot of jewelry. But rather, a softer, almost pinky gold (hence the name.)


I have teeny tiny wrists, but this fit fine. It stayed on well – wasn’t too tight, wasn’t too big. There was still plenty of room for people with bigger wrists (the website says it fits wrists 6-6.75”) I wore mine both alone and with a big, ole stack of bangles. Super cute either way.

My Bandit Bracelet with a stack of bangles. (There is no shortage of bracelets in this house.)


Also, one other benefit of the bracelet…… 

BuzzFeed’s list of “Things Guys Will Never Understand….”


The Bandit Bracelet gets rid of that “too tight around the wrist line” by keeping the hair tie off your actual wrist and stops it from completely cutting off your circulation. And, really, circulation is probably pretty important.


My Review:

I am a HUGE fan of these. Go buy one of these now. Or buy one in every color. They are super cute, very affordable and keep you ready for any emergency hair moments with an adorable hair tie close by. And, want to know something even cooler?? Bandit Bracelets is offering a discount of 30% to all Cynthiana Strong readers! Can I get a what, what?? Just use the Promo Code: CSTRONG30 at checkout. (Click HERE for their website.)


So, ladies, lift up your wrists and unite because now you can stay active, stay stylish and be ready for any impromptu workouts.


And stay active….and stylish.

 – Rebecca

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